What is a criterium?2023-03-17T13:42:49-04:00

According to USA Cycling a criterium is a mass start, multi-lap event contested on a closed course where laps are typically a mile or less and include 4-6 corners. Racers do a pre-determined number of laps or race for a pre-determined amount of time – usually 30 to 90 minutes.

Why do they ride together in a pack?2022-06-07T19:36:45-04:00

As Ricky Bobby says, “I want to go fast.” If you’ve ever seen a race car draft behind another race car, you know the one behind has to put out less energy to maintain the same speed as the one in front.  The one in front is “breaking the wind.” It is the same concept with bicycling.  Sitting in the back, takes a lot less energy than sitting on the front.  Riders will try to stay in the back so they have energy for the sprint at the end!

Are there hotels nearby?2022-02-23T11:56:12-05:00

The closest hotels to the event are:

Hilton Garden Inn

550 East Main Street

Hummelstown, PA 17036



Comfort Inn At The Park

1200 Mae Street

Hummelstown, PA 17036



Holiday Inn Express Hershey (Harrisburg Area)

610 Walton Avenue

Hummelstown, PA 17036



Where do I park?2022-02-23T11:46:57-05:00

There are several places to park in and around the festival.

Please remember, a lot of the event takes place in a residential neighborhood.  Please do not park across resident’s driveways.  Also, there will be no parking within the race course.

Are you looking for volunteers?2022-03-03T19:57:23-05:00

Yes! We are always looking for people who want to help with our event. Check out our volunteer page located here. 

Are you looking for sponsors?2022-02-23T11:38:45-05:00

Yes! We are always looking for businesses & individuals to partner with.  Check out our sponsor page located here.

I want to pickup my racer packet Friday night. Is that possible?2022-02-23T11:23:12-05:00

Yes – we will have packet pickup available Friday evening before the race. Location TBD but will be e-mailed out in advance.

Where will the results be posted?2022-02-23T11:20:24-05:00

They will be posted at the event and also on RoadResults.com

Do I need a license in order to race?2024-01-29T11:05:17-05:00

Yes – for any of the category races, you need a USA Cycling license.  One-day licenses are available when you complete your registration on BikeReg.

Register on BikeReg.

Where is Hummelstown?2022-02-23T11:18:03-05:00

Hummelstown is located just outside of Hershey, Pennsylvania. It is also about 20 minutes from Harrisburg.  A full map of the event can be found below.

Is there a fee to attend the craft fair?2023-03-17T13:36:31-04:00

No, the craft fair shopping is open to anyone in the community.  It is running at the same time as the bicycle race, and there is no fee for a spectator to attend either.

Is there a fee to set up a booth at the craft fair?2023-03-17T13:41:26-04:00

Yes – the booth fee is $50 and a portion of the proceeds benefits the Hummelstown Fire Police.

More information can be found here. 

Does the Criterium have day of registration?2022-02-23T11:14:06-05:00

No. This event is pre-registration only.

Register Here

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