Artist Information

Rules & Regulations:

Setup Time: 6:30 AM – 8:00 AM
Booth Details We provide an empty 10×10 space for you to setup as needed. We encourage tents for protection from the sun, heat, and any other weather. There are no rules on tent color or style, so long as your setup fits within your allotted space. Artists can purchase multiple booths. All tents must be weighed down. Vendor must provide their own tents, tables, chairs, etc.  Your booth may not extend over your specified space.  
Space Requests We do not accept space requests or reservations. The show layout is designed primarily to create a variety of styles and genres throughout the festival.
Setup Rules Displays must not block sidewalks and all tables must be covered to the ground with packing materials neatly out of sight. No electric is available for artists. Booths may not be shared. Artists are not permitted to change spaces or move their setup without permission from the festival directors. Violation will result in removal from the show.
Expectations of Conduct We expect all of our vendors to be kind and courteous to each other, attendees, and our volunteers. Vendors are not permitted to walk the streets with products or samples. Any disputes between vendors should be brought to the attention of a volunteer so it can be resolved quickly and fairly. Failure to observe these basic requests is grounds for removal and disqualification from current and future shows.
Weather Policy Our event goes on, rain or shine! In the rare and unfortunate case of extreme weather we would cancel the affected day(s). We are not able to have a rain date due to the location and permits of our festival.
Refund Policy All fees are non-refundable. This includes booth fees, application fees, reservations and add-ons, even in the unlikely case of a show cancellation.
Liability Statement The Applicant hereby agrees to allow the Hummelstown Criterium & Craft Fair, as well as its partners and volunteers, to use supplied and published information and/or artwork to promote the festival. The Applicant understands that no refunds are available. The Applicant agrees to follow the terms and rules supplied by the organizers leading up to the event. Failure to meet any of these terms will result in withdrawal from the festival. The Applicant agrees to assume all liability for and indemnify Hummelstown Criterium & Craft Fair, Blue Mountain Velo, On-Time Productions and the Borough of Hummelstown the members/volunteers/partners from and against any and all claims, with loss of life, personal injury, and or property damage, theft, arising from or out of installation, setup, operation and dismantling of exhibit. This release applies to all employees, partners, and volunteers associated with the stated organizations.
Tear Down Time: Tear Down time begins at 4:00 PM and ends at 5:30 PM. No exceptions to this rule; crafters who disregard this rule will not be invited back.